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Home decor constitutes the expression of the owner. Most people like to bring their world into their house, and it is actualized in the home decoration. Now, if you have more time and there is more space in your house, you can start decorating. Although many design interior companies offers interesting way to beautify your house, you can start simple thing to create your own decoration. There are some easy ideas to help you to provide creative home decor that your family hopefully loves it.

1. Hanging pictures
The most simple creative home decor is hanging pictures. It is very easy to do. You just provide some pictures of your family members, put each picture in a frame, and then hang on the wall. The frames can be arranged simetrically or randomly. Instead of pictures of your family members, you can use medals or certificate that your family achieved. Quotation, T-shirt, stamps, and other collection can be great options to decor your wall

2. Wall decoration
Creative home decor is not always expensive. You can use materials that you can find sorroundings. The easiest wall decoration is wallpaper. Now, there are many options of wallpapers you can choose, such as cartoon, nature, flowers, trees, depend on what theme you want to take. Newspapers are also good to be wall decoration. You can make pictures by using pieces of newspaper. Another way to have beautiful wall decor is using ceramics or stone. The remain of ceramic that you have can be stick on the wall. The colourful ceramics and its irregular shapes make the house look artistic. The use of wall stone, especially natural stone also provides natural atmosphere for your home decor.

3. Secondhand items
Now, take a look at your warehouse. Most people have secondhand items or properties which are saved in the storeroom. You may use those to make creative home decor. For instance, if you have magazines or books that are no longer used, you can make a table or chair using them. Select some books or magazines that have similar size, neatly stack, and tie using rope or belt. For the chair, you can add pillow on the top of the stack and tie them all. The other secondhand items that can be used are toilet tissue roll paper, cloth, cupcake wrapper, etc.

You just need to think simply to create simple thing for your home decor. Don’t hesitate to create your own style and innovation.

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