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Home Decoration of Peacock

purple peacock home decor

Peacocks is one of the most beautiful birds in the world and lives in several countries. Peacock, literally interpreted as male species. Peacock known as its strikingly beautiful feathers and has a unique color. Many people who like peacock things and made it as their home decoration. You can decorate your home by yourselve. Many items in the form of peacock also easy to find.

Ways To Decorate Your Home

In having peacock home decor, firts thing you must do is choosing the color of the walls. Wall color is perhaps one of the most important things in a room. The color should resemble peacock feathers. Try to paint a wall with a deep purple color and add it with an accent wall. You can add wall accents in variations of color in your room. Wall color should be used depending on the decorations in the room. If the majority of your room decoration is peacock, the accents of wall color should be blue.

You also could choose a type of jade ornaments or emerald for you peacock home decor. You can choose chocolate as the color of your bedspread and spread this color in several rooms that you want. You can buy bedspread peacock in home decor stores and you must buy pillow separately. This pillow is not used for sleeping but it should be used for decoration only. Make sure you have a pillow to sleep. When you buy a pillow, you need to pay attention the detail and pattern. Soft colored pillow is highly recommended. If you prefer a patterned pillow, try a solid color with feathers. Rug or carpet can make a good room or it will break a room. If your home already has a carpet, the color of the carpet can determine the final of the room. Ligth-colored carpet has the best color. If you want, you can have a colorful carpet which placed in your room. Dark-blue carpet is recommended. If you have a wooden floor, then you can add the carpet on it. You could also use peacock carpet in your room.

Final Touch

You can add some gold color and it would be terrific with these color. Gold will add a little touch of glamour and elegant in peacock home decor. You must remember, too many bright colors will make a clash on Peacock theme. Add some peacock decorations to your home.

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