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Garden Edging Ideas for Back Yard

lawn and garden edging ideas

Garden edging ideas are the ideas about small garden in the edge of the house. Usually, this kind of garden is chosen by people who have small garden or back yard without garden. Gardening is one of the interesting activities that you can do at home. The problem is the fact that we need spacious yard in order to have a garden. Not all of the people have houses with spacious yard. In that case, edging garden can be a great solution for people who want to have garden in their narrow yard. The basic concept of the edging garden is placing the garden at the edges of the yard. You can create many designs of the garden or the shape of the edges that you want.

Installing Garden Edging Ideas

The hardest part of is installing the basic edging garden; it’s the garden itself. You can actually make the garden edging ideas yourself. First of all, choose the materials for the edge of the landscape of edging garden. Let’s try with brick. You can just simple dug the soil of the edging garden and then install the bricks. You can create the shape of the edging garden with the bricks such as curve shaped, normal line shaped, and many more. After that, you can put cement at the outside part of the bricks to make the line or the edging garden looks clearer.

After that, you can start gardening in your edging garden. You can plant flowers if you want to create beautiful and colorful garden. If you want to create green scenery, you can plant some small plants. You can even plant vegetables and herbal plants if you want to make healthy garden or vegetable garden. Well, as long as the soil can be planted those plants and you can take care of the garden.

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