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Formal Garden Design For Your Front yard

what is formal garden design

You can shape your garden into formal or informal one. It depends on you. Formal garden design somehow need strict rules to be followed while the informal garden does not restricted with these rules. You can use formal lines in your garden and combine it with classical details in small garden ideas. This has the effect to make your small courtyard being larger visually.

You can give your small garden urn and privet hedge topiary on the beds. They will give the proper height of and proper design of garden flower. You can add hydrangea to give the focal point on the beds. You can add York Stone and Bricks that has similar color for your formal garden design ideas. The detail of your formal garden will be obvious but the simplicity on it can also be shown.

Checkerboard can also be used as your formal garden design. This will divide your garden into squares and every square can be planted by one kind of flower. This garden will be looked well if we see it from the terrace above. You can use polyanthus and pansies flowers in the winter and begonia and verbena flower in the winter. Although the maintenance is difficult, the visual impact makes it worth it.

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